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Alysha Staudinger, By Lyshe
Self Portrait, By Lyshe

** NOTE **  After 4 years of hard work building a visual portfolio, an amazing client base and community on Instagram, my account @bylyshe has been hacked and deleted. Please follow my new account @bylyshe_ 




I'm Alysha Staudinger (Lyshe) and I'm the face behind the faceless portraits and the hand behind the flowy letters of By Lyshe. 


I work full-time as a Graphic Designer in the corporate setting. After hours and weekends are when I get to take my creativity off screen as an Analog Illustration Artist + Modern Calligrapher. In a fast, digital world, I find a sense of peace and serenity in creating something tangible with my hands, on paper...far, far away from a screen!


My husband (then boyfriend) knew I was mesmerized by the talented Laura Hooper Calligraphy, so he bought me a calligraphy pen from her shop and my self taught calligraphy journey began there. I started By Lyshe with a focus on calligraphy and some illustrated cake cards. However, after a friend asked me to draw an illustration of a bride and groom in front of their wedding venue, it quickly snowballed into a predominantly illustration based business. Now, that's what the majority of what my commissioned work is; Hand Illustrated Portraits themed around engagements, weddings, homes and growing families.


I love how this primary audience has organically developed because it mirrors the recent milestones in my life! I got married during the pandemic (hooray for micro weddings!), just bought an old Victorian home and am getting ready to start my family.

I'm always keen to pick up a brush in my right hand and a glass of wine in my left so - reach out, say hi and let's see what we create together!

xx Lyshe 

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