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I would love to hear your feedback - good or not so good! I put my heart and soul into my work - taking the time to drop a few words means the world to me and is incredibly appreciated. Thank you!

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Shadow on Concrete Wall


“Her work is nothing short of absolutely exceptional! It’s always a go-to gift for those celebrating important milestones in their lives. Each custom piece always holds great sentimental value all while staying chic and relevant as unique home decor pieces. Always happy to support this small business as her communication and professionalism are top notch from the first point of contact, to the execution and delivery of all pieces."

Sasha Brown | Custom Illustration | July 2022

“I commissioned a custom illustration from By Lyshe as a Christmas gift for my brother and sister-in-law. I was so impressed by the level of detail in the illustration. Lyshe is also very easy to work with and she responds so quickly, making the process seamless! My brother and sister-in-law are in love with the illustration, and it currently hangs in their front entryway. I will absolutely be using By Lyshe again for custom illustrations or calligraphy services."

Sarah H | Custom Illustration | Feb 2022

“I've commissioned both custom illustrations as well as calligraphy work from By Lysh. Every piece has always been incredible (and make the most memorable and sentimental gifts). The level of communication with her to ensure the perfect final product leaves me feeling at ease each time. By Lysh will always be my first call for custom illustrations or calligraphy. Can not recommend her enough!"

Courtney P | Custom Illustration | Jan 2022

“I gifted an illustration to my cousin and received a surprise one from my friend, all done by Alysha. They are absolutely beautiful. The small details she captures really makes them special. Alysha is extremely talented and easy to work with. I’m hoping to get more work from her in the future!"

Allison Valeriati | Custom Illustration | Jan 2022

“We had that pleasure of having one of our wedding photos illustrated and it is AMAZING. We had help picking which one was going to look the best custom done and it is nothing short of spectacular, everyone comments on how amazing it was! I love that it was preserved our special day in another special way!! ♡ thank you again!"

Rachel | Custom Illustration | Jan 2022

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